How To Book An Escort

Hiring an escort is the easiest and simplest way to satisfy your craving for a beautiful companion. If you are a lonesome person and would love to have company for an occasion or are in the mood for a romantic night, book an escort. However, if this is your first time, you might be a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation. But trust us when we say that booking an escort is as easy as ordering a pizza.

Yes, you read that right. The whole escort industry has changed a lot over the last few years. Not only are there many more high quality agencies now, but they are also striving for the absolute customer satisfaction. Implementation of online browsing and booking is just one of those facets.

To book an escort, the first thing you need to do is search for the escort agencies in your city online. A simple search like “escort agencies in Bristol” should do the trick. You can always be more specific by adding details about your desired girl to the search phrase. The agencies that are listed on the first page of the search results are usually the better ones. The next step is to open the websites and compare them with each other.

A cursory glance over one of these websites should tell you that the agencies put a lot of effort in building their websites. Usually you can get a list of their girls and descriptions about them on the site. There should be hi-resolution pictures of these girls which will help you in booking the perfect escort for yourself.

Most sites allow users to search girls by a large list of parameters such as eye colour, hair colour, figure type, sexual orientation etc. Due to the tough competition in the market, the rates of the agencies of the same city should not vary much from each other. On an average, you may have to pay around 120 Pounds for the first hour. If the agency is among the top ones of UK and escort is experienced, the rate can shoot up to 150 Pounds easily. Second and following hours come at discounted rates. So it might be prudent to book an escort for 2 hours or more.

After you search, you will get a lot of results from independent escorts as well. These girls might be more adventurous compared to the agency escorts but you will get much less flexibility in terms of time and rates. Hence it is advised to go for an agency when you are just starting out.

Be A Gentleman

This is an important part of booking an escort. The girl you book will turn up for the meeting in her best dress and carrying her best attitude. Unless you do the same, the venture might turn out to be less enjoyable than you had imagined. You must dress well and bring out your best behaviour for the girl. If she is satisfied with your company, the moments spent with her can turn out to be truly magical.

For the first timers, a little bit of nervousness and anxiousness is quite natural. In fact you may not have any idea about how to kick off the conversation and what to do when. In such a case, allow the girl to take the lead. If she is an experienced escort, she should have handled many situations like that. Once you play along her for some time, you will definitely get the hang of the things. After all, it’s not rocket science!

Keep the money ready and pay her up front. No discussion, delay, bargain or discount requests are allowed. All discussions about the rates should be completed before the booking is finalised. Agencies are the best in this regard as they are more likely to give offers and discounts as compared to independent escorts.

If you love the experience and would want to extend the time duration, call the agency and let them know. More often than not, you will get an extension. Do not call at the eleventh hour though. If you do not like the girl, you can request for a replacement as well. All you need to do is not to be shy and ask for what you want. It might be easier said than done for the first couple of times but just be positive and everything should be alright.

One thing that might bug you is confidentiality. Very few people want to get caught with an escort by their sides. But if you are booking through the best agencies of the city, you do not have to worry about that. Trust as when we say that an agency cannot survive in the long run if they do not keep their clients’ identities secret. The girls are also trained to be discreet and they never spill any information about you.

What the above paragraph should tell you is to research well about the agency before actually booking. Take some time to gather information about them, read some customer reviews and then take the step. Also find out how long the agency has been operating for. If they have been in business for a few years then you can trust them quite easily.

Like every other businesses, the escort agencies also have customer service helplines. Independent ones may do that themselves or have their friends do that for them. Any issues or dissatisfactions should be communicated to the helpline. You will definitely get a response and a solution to your problem.

If you have read this article carefully, you should be feeling pretty confident by now. Just keep things simple and do not panic. Follow the steps we have mentioned and be prepared for some lovely hours. We do stress on the fact though that you should do your research well. Although very few, there are some fake and below par escort agencies in the market. Stay safe and stay clear from them. Read all the blogs on this site and you will be more than ready to book an escort!