The Escort Business

The Escort Industry is undoubtedly as sought after presently as it has ever been. Occasionally termed call girls, working girls or courtesans, these girls have always been sought after. And we don't believe the business is going to end any time soon!

In English, the phrase escort offers a number of interpretations. Escorts might be guides, guests for sociable occasions or hired just as arm candy. Most people would likely think of the hot and beautiful girls which provide much more than companionship. These are the escorts that provide you with seductive services. In this case we are looking at the adult escort which delivers erotic services in return for money.

The escort industry in particular can be something of a dirty word in today's culture, nevertheless it is a productive business. Never mistake escorting with street hookers. There is a world of contrast between an escort encounter and a prostitute. Escorts regard themselves as a unique experience. As a culture we seem to have a problem with people spending money on sex, It is to be abhorred in cases where females are taken in to prostitution, but if it really is personal preference, do we have to be concerned?

Despite all the bad press though the escort industry thrives. For those with the right personality this can be a great choice. An escort is providing a service that is in demand and most have no trouble finding suitable clients. You can work full time or part time as an escort and many escorts have other jobs, some respected careers. As you might expect most escorts like to keep their occupation a discreet as possible. Exceptional escorts can make really big money. After paying the agency their booking fee you can expect to get upwards of £100 an hour. Since the average person is earning about £13 an hour, you can see that it's possible to make a lot of money.

It's not illegal to work as an escort in the UK. Certainly the law can be difficult to understand, but you can work from your own flat or home without a problem. You can also work through an escort agency who are essentially just arranging bookings for you. It's a bit more complicated for the agency. However any problems that might arise for the agency, have nothing to do with you. In fact working through a good escort agency can be one of the safest ways to operate as an escort as well as one of the easiest. For an escort agency owner, dealing with the finances is the most difficult issue. One of the most common reason for an agency getting shut down is tax evasion! The UK law is about trying to protect women and men and prevent trafficking rather than trying to shut down the industry.

The state would doubtless like to tax this industry more. If the adult escort industry were more accepted, as it is in some European countries, the government could apply more taxation! The adult industry is a multi-million pound business after all. Some is taxed but a lot of the money that changes hands is cash with no way to tax it! Because of the nature of the legislation around escorts it's harder for the law makers to keep track of what's going on.

Escorts do not consider themselves prostitutes. There is a difference. Escorts provide a totally different experience and will spend as long as you like with you, if you're paying for their time. But remember that she is probably charging over a £100 an hour! Prostitutes on the other hand are the quick, cheap thrill., Escorts provide a relaxed and sensual meeting, It can't really be compared with a prostitute on a street corner. Most escorts in the UK are not being exploited by making an informed decision about joining the industry. If their motivations is money, that's up to them. The decision to become an escort should be one of choice and not need. Maybe that is the difference between escorts and prostitutes. Agencies nor clients of escort agencies do not want to spend time with addicts or escorts with problems. They'll want customers to return back again and thus want to display high quality women who love the job

Whilst there are males and females that take pleasure in sex, there is going to carry on being an escort industry. Just stay safe and care for your own sexual health.